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Vietnam Casinos to Let in Locals: Future of East Asia Casino

In Vietnam, its residents are not allowed to enter casino sites since these establishments are created only for foreign tourists, they can visit But the Ministry of Finance, as reported by Thahn Nien News, submitted a draft of decree to Nguyen, Tan Dung, Vietnam's Prime Minister, to make vietnam casinos to let in locals and play, provided that they are 21 years old and underwent background checks to secure funds and money to get best bonus codes. If this decree is passed, it does not mean that all casino will welcome Vietnamese, but at least, there will be companies that will allow local players to experience gaming at their own land.

When the news spread to the gambling industry in the country, majority of the operators are happy to make Vietnam casinos to let in locals since it will make them to generate more money and play roulette online. Also, by allowing locals to play, this serves as a stepping stone to the industry in the country. Believe it or not, there is a sense of discrimination in some playing sites, since some establishments first check if the gamer has foreign passport. If he does, he will be allowed to enter and gamble, and if not, he will not be allowed to get in.

The decree passed to the Prime Minister also hope to ease the burdens carried by the businessmen who want to develop new casino sites in the country where Vietnam casinos are becoming popular. When the decree is approved and become a law, partners who are managing the business must have to demonstrate a gaming experience of five years and not with ten years as stated with the other drafts. However, despite this change, investors must give a minimum amount of $4 billion in any investment project in the country. Lastly, there will be restrictions set in the industry since the decree will not allow Vietnamese-licensed casino company to offer and operate online gambling to the locals.