Vietnam Casino

Warning - Be Cautious When Playing Blackjack In Vietnam!

There is a new scam going around and it involves blackjack in Vietnam, you can check it here at It goes something like this.

You're on this incredible vacation of a lifetime, making wonderful friends as you go & one day you bump into a guy who even invites you back home to his house

You accept, & whilst you're there, he reels off this horror story of how he got scammed recently playing Blackjack 21 r just play roulette online.

After a few drinks later, he revels in telling you after a lot of trial & error, he managed to crack the code to the game and he has a proposition for you. If you partner up with him over the next few days, you could make enough to pay for your vacation.

A few days later you return to put the plan in action. Present at the game that he has organized, is a filthy rich business guy, you can learn to play baucuacacop game.

The plan works like a charm, but just as you're about to have your biggest ever win, the guy wants to see that you've got the cash to cover. Your new partner, loans you the cash & the unthinkable happens, you lose it all. Now you are marched off to the nearest ATM to settle up.

Moral of the story? If it smells, it's a scam, chinese gamblers beware!