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New Vietnam Casino Project: Asian Casino

Chinese tourists schedule travels in Vietnam because of the country's exotic nature, lovely landscape and culture that is different from their own, visit website. Because of this sudden influx of visitors, investors are thinking to create a new Vietnam casino project, wherein billions of money are needed to build gaming sites and resorts. Statistics has it that the tourists that are visiting the place increased dramatically with 30%, making this an opportunity for the new Vietnam casino project to push through and watch out your gambling habits. Also, with this case, people from China can not be the only tourists since there are a lot of people in Asia who are capable of traveling and gambling.

This, year, it is expected that the number of people from China who will travel abroad is 100 million and figures have it that in a year, these travelers spend $102 billion collectively. With these facts, it only shows Chinese people spend more than Western tourists and the tourism that targets Chinese travelers is a good investment and good for business and popular among chinese gamblers.

In order to gather and attract more tourists, since this will boost the economy of a country, plenty of Asian and European countries made the application of visa easier. Believe it or not, in this country, the tourism industry produced a total revenue of $142 million despite the fact that it has a low per capita spending. Analysts say that Vietnam is capable and very competitive in attracting Chinese people to transact within their country, aside from traveling. The economy has said that the direct investment coming from China increased to $2.3 billion from $345 million. With this case, there is a strong and big confidence when it comes to the new Vietnam casino project and play blackjack online game.

Chinese visitors are happy with the fact that the travel to Vietnam from their country is just one and a half hour, making the country a first choice for travel. In central Vietnam, there is a resort and casino being established called Da Nang and they are planning to add more.